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High technology, simple & affordable

The Dion engineers have integrated into the Scorpion 350, technology only previously found on some self-propelled harvesters, without compromising the profitability.

The harvester exploits all the power and technology available on today’s tractors like ISOBUS controls and load-sensing hydraulics. In addition to exploiting your existing tractor that is used year-round, the acquisition and operating cost are kept low.

Without a transverse auger, the straight line flow of the Dion harvester makes it the most efficient on the market. The silage is accelerated in a progressive manner at every step, without abrupt change in direction & without energy loss. The same efficiency as a self-propelled harvester at a fraction of the cost.

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Dion Scorpion 350 Forage Harvesters High Efficiency Electro-Hydraulics

The Scorpion 350 takes its hydraulic power from the Power Beyond ports of the tractor. The load-sensing system ensures maximum efficiency and does not require any cooler.

Large diameter hoses reduce the energy losses. All the functions of the harvester are grouped together in a hydraulic manifold with cartridge valves. The modular design is economical and easy to maintain.

The hydraulic functions provide precision and power. The connection is easy thanks to color and symbol coded anodized aluminum handles.  Only 4 lines are required for all functions.

Dion Scorpion 350 Forage Harvesters Hydraulic Feedroll Drive

A heavy-duty, 46cc piston motor, coupled with a robust transfer box provide high output torque to feed the impressive harvester capacity. The simple setup largely reduces the number of parts.

The use of a hydraulic motor brings the benefits of smooth starts, independent of the PTO speed. The slow reverse speed ensures precise control of the feedrolls when reversing after a metal detection for example.

Dion Scorpion 350 Forage Harvesters Easy to use ISOBUS Controls

Operating a forage harvester has never been so user-friendly. The Scorpion 350 connects to the ISOBUS implement connector of the tractor to load the graphical interface in the tractor display.  For non-ISOBUS tractors, a retrofit kit is available including a connection harness and monitor. The graphical interface provides a complete visualisation of the harvester state, adjusts the length of cut & operation functions.

For an optimal and ergonomic operation, an Aux-N ISOBUS joystick is recommended (available as an option). Some tractors allow the assignation of ISOBUS functions directly on the armrest joystick or button, making it even easier.

Dion Scorpion 350 Forage Harvesters Advanced and Useful Functions

// Belt Slippage Monitoring

To avoid failure or overload, speed sensors are installed to detect slippage of the different driving belts. An audible and visual alarm will show any critical slippage and the harvester feedrolls and header will automatically stop if it persists or worsens.


// Overload Protection

With the electronic feedroll speed management, an anti-clogging feature is integrated. In case of a decrease of the PTO speed under a critical threshold, by mistake or due to overload, the feedroll speed will decrease sharply or stop completely to avoid stalling the tractor. You can then maximise the forward speed of the tractor without risks of clogging the cutterhead.


Dion Scorpion 350 Forage Harvesters // Live Load Display

Pressure sensors on the feedroll hydraulic motor allow a direct monitoring of the feedroll load. The color coded dynamic graphical display lets you quickly visualize the data to get maximum performance from the harvester.


// Hour Counter

Allows for the monitoring of controller and cutterhead hours.



Dion Scorpion 350 Forage Harvesters // Adjustable Spout Rotation Speed

To get the optimum speed for the situation, the spout rotation can be adjusted to any of the 10 pre-set levels at any moment from the monitor.


// Automatic Inoculant Mode

The liquid application system can be set to turn ON and OFF automatically according to the feedroll opening. A manual mode is also available

Dion Scorpion 350 Forage Harvesters Renowned quality of cut, ideal length of cut

Available with a Dion cutterhead with 8 or 12 knives depending on your requirement. The helicoidal knives with tapered profile cut precisely with low power requirement.

The hydraulic feedroll drive of the Scorpion 350 allow a high precision on the adjustment of the LOC to obtain the ideal silage sample at any time. The 1mm step adjustment is done directly from the ISOBUS terminal. This system, unique to Dion, also offers the widest LOC range on the market, up to 24mm (0.94in)* with a 12 knife cutterhead.

Dion Scorpion 350 Forage Harvesters Range of Length of Cut – 12 knives (mm)

Dion Scorpion 350 Forage Harvesters Range of Length of Cut – 8 knives (mm)

Dion Scorpion 350 Forage Harvesters Simplified Sharpening & Adjustment

Nothing is more important for good harvester performance and silage quality than the sharpness of the knives and the shearbar adjustment. To make the task easier, the time to execute these tasks has been reduce by 50% compared to the previous models and nothing on the market can compare in terms of simplicity. The forward sharpening on Dion harvesters provides a razor sharp edge while drawing the sharpening heat away from the knife tip and without leaving a burr.

The simplified sequence reduces the sharpening and bar adjustment to two simple steps. Start the PTO, sharpen, and adjust! No driveshaft to disconnect, no repetitive travels between the tractor seat and the harvester. With a rack & pinion system, the shearbar is loosened by two lockers, standing on one side of the harvester. Sliding on integrated ramps, it moves parallel to the cutterhead by a single adjustment bolt. This simple method encourages the operator to maintain proper adjustments and knife sharpness. The reduction in wear, fuel consumption and resulting excellent silage quality will add up to gains in profitability.

Dion Scorpion 350 Forage Harvesters The FerroDtec Precision



The new FerroDtec metal detector from Dion combines precision and reliability. Programmed on powerful controllers, it offers an exceptional reaction time. The new algorithm allows for precise and reliable detections while reducing the risk of time consuming false detections. The detection threshold is automatically calibrated to the condition of the crop and the wear or damage of the detector feedroll. Ten (10) levels of sensitivity, selected manually, allow you to adapt to any requirement.



Dion Scorpion 350 Forage Harvesters



Dion Scorpion 350 Forage Harvesters High-Tech without Gadget

The benefits of technology should not be a burden to reliability. In case of a sensor failure, the critical electronic functions can be deactivated to operate in a “failsafe” mode to keep harvesting temporarily. Silage quality is the priority.

Your dealer is equipped with a complete service and diagnostic software that allows the technician to analyse the performance of the electronic system. Through the Wi-Fi connection on a laptop computer, the live system data can be displayed, even from the cab while harvesting in the field! A faster and more precise diagnostic results in less repair costs. The harvester control software updates are done quickly and easily and allow you to benefit from eventual system improvements.

Dion Scorpion 350 Forage Harvesters Mechanical Header Drive

The header is driven by a quick coupled driveshaft. Without chain to install, the change of headers is done in a few minutes.  The engagement of the header is done through a hydraulically control belt binder with automatic tension control. The reverse operation is powered by a separate hydraulic motor for a smooth engagement and high available torque. The feedrolls and header can be reversed without the PTO engaged.

Dion Scorpion 350 Forage Harvesters The Unique Stinger Spout

  With exceptional dimensions, the 2nd generation Stinger spout loads on any side, even the tallest trailers. The accelerator/blower power of the Scorpion allows side-loading to considerably reduce trailer switching time for even more productivity.

// Max height : 5.8m (19ft)

// Rotation : 330 deg





Dion Scorpion 350 Forage Harvesters Mounted on a solid base, the Scorpion 300 is “Stinger ready” as a standard feature. A double deflector, also standard, ensures a precise filling in pull-behind trailers as well as for side loading. Even in short configuration, you benefit from an ultra-durable 1/4in thick Hardox wear plate. Accessible directly from the top, it can be replaced in a few minutes.








Dion Scorpion 350 Forage Harvesters Reach the next level with the Stinger extension option which can be “dealer or field installed” very quickly. No additional brace or support is required. Also, the transition between the short and long configuration is done in a few minutes: ideal for contractors. Optional for the standard spout configuration, a wireless camera and LED spout light are standard with the Stinger extension. They let you harvest on both sides with ease.








Dion Scorpion 350 Forage Harvesters The redesigned dual accumulator suspension provides a smooth ride in Stinger configuration. For road transport, the spout is lowered at a height below 3m (10ft). The suspension absorbs the impacts or road imperfections no matter the speed. When set in transport position, the rotation is automatically locked for safe travels between fields.



Dion Scorpion 350 Forage Harvesters Shear Processing with τSτ

A proven concept, exclusive to Dion, the optional processor rolls of the Scorpion 350 uses a shearing effect to process the particles and pulverise the kernels in corn silage. With a differential speed ratio of 67%, the highest on the market, the particles are torn lengthwise and the grain is processed with low crushing pressure. This reduces compression forces and improves KP bearing life all while reducing power requirements.


The lower 10” roll is paired with the smaller 6” top roll, both turning at close to 4000rpm. They are positioned directly in the crop flow trajectory to eliminate direction changes and lower energy consumption. Obtain the desired level of silage processing at any time by simply adjusting the clearance of the processor rolls, in a few seconds, with a single wrench.


Dion Scorpion 350 Forage Harvesters The conversion time between corn silage configuration and haylage has been reduce by approximately 30% compared with the previous models. The top roll is completely removed by sliding it out towards the inside of the harvester where it can be stored onboard to reduce handling. No major parts need to be removed or displaced. It is done with a single wrench, with less effort and all adjustments are preserved for a quick reinstallation.

Dion Scorpion 350 Forage Harvesters Manufacturing Quality

 The desire to provide a durable and modern product was part of the design process of this new generation of harvesters. The rated power of the driveline has been increased. Premium quality, banded belts, have been selected for highest durability and power transmission capacity.

You will notice the superior quality powder coat paint and extensive usage of plating on several parts. We can count on qualified welders and master assemblers to offer a reliable product.

Dion Scorpion 350 Forage Harvesters Practical and Ergonomic

Harvest in style with the new color scheme and completely redesign guards. A large main guard opens with ease to access the drive components. The access is direct to the length of cut chain binder for easy adjustment. The hydraulic module pivots to give access to the service points. "Butterfly” guards protect the core of the harvester and the sharpening system from debris accumulation.

The completely new tongue combines rigidity and accessibility. Cable and hose routing have been improved. Finally, remain visible at any moment with the LED transport lights.


Dion Scorpion 350 Forage Harvesters Kernel Processor

The Dion processor rolls with τSτ “Total Shear Technology” offer the desired processing with quick and easy adjustment.


Dion Scorpion 350 Forage Harvesters Stinger Spout

Performance of a self-propelled with a Dion pull-type harvester are possible with the side loading offered by the Stinger spout extension. The powerful throwing capacity and long reach permit side loading on the left or the right, or directly behind the harvester to open fields. The option can be ordered at purchase or for an update later on. The conversion between short and long configuration is done in a few minutes with hand tools to adapt to any harvesting setup. The extension kit includes a night/day wireless digital camera with a 7in color monitor and a LED light.

Dion Scorpion 350 Forage Harvesters Tires & Axles

Two (2) options of wheels are available. Standard equipment includes tandem axles. They ensure a good flotation and a smooth ride. In muddy conditions they keep the harvester in its track, especially with pull-behind trailers. Designed with a narrow profile, they offer 3 height adjustments. The polymer bushing is trouble and maintenance free.

TerraRib® tires are standard. For unbeatable durability, choose the hyper wear resistant TerraTrac® tires that are also soft on prairies.

Dion Scorpion 350 Forage Harvesters Liquid/Inoculant Applicator

A large reservoir (50gal) provides sufficient volume for several hours of operation. It can be used to apply preservative or simply water to lubricate the crop channel in tough sticky conditions. The applicator is located directly over the blower to ensure a perfect mixing. A secondary reservoir option for a total of 100gal is also available.

Dion Scorpion 350 Forage Harvesters Camera

The Scorpion 350 is prewired for up to 2, wide angle, wireless cameras capable of night vision. The first one can be installed on the spout to keep track of filing while looking ahead. A second one can be installed at several locations behind or to the side of the machine. It can be used as a back-up camera for easy hooking of forage wagons.

The 7in monitor antenna has a minimum reach of 75ft and can be paired and display up to 4 cameras. Mounting holes are provided on the harvester control box or it can even be installed in a different tractor if needed.

Dion Scorpion 350 Forage Harvesters

Dion Scorpion 350 Forage Harvesters Light

A 600 lumen, LED spout light, illuminates the trailer for night work.  The Scorpion 350 is pre-wired for a second work light that can be installed at several locations and operated from the ISOBUS terminal.

Dion Scorpion 350 Forage Harvesters Hydraulic Trailer Disconnect

Available in disconnect configuration only, or with “attach-matic” quick hitch compatibility. Disconnecting is done with a quick and strong small hydraulic piston. The secured actuation switch is integrated in the control box.

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