Factory trained service: in-shop and on-site.

At Dan R Equipment we offer complete service, maintenance and warranty repair services for all the products we sell. Our service technicians work in shop or on site, servicing your complete line-up.

Posted Shop Rates:

  • - $120/hr for Licensed Technician in shop 
  • - $130/hr for Licensed Technician in field
  • - $80/hr for Apprentice Technician* (if available)
  • - $80 /hr for Lawn and Garden Repair


  • - $200/hr for Dyno Test
  • - $100/hr for Software Update
The Dan R Equipment service department is prepared with:
  • 8 shop service bays;
  • On-call service technicians and stocked vehicles;
  • Factory trained technicians;
  • State of the art diagnostic equipment;
  • Available pick-up and delivery trucking.

Learn about the tools we use to keep your AGCO equipment working for you

Every day, we work hard to support our customers.. 

We do so in many ways, we also continuously invest in training, tools and support programs; keeping our technicians up to date with the technical knowledge and capabilities required to service the machines customers depend on.  

Providing high-tech tools needed to support our customers is part of Dan R Equipment's commitment to service. We are continuously investing resources into state-of-the-art technical work tools that help deliver on our mission and our commitment to being true team players. 


AGCO Tech Connect is a suite of tools that help the Dealer Service Technician deliver superb customer service. It includes: a Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) tool; Support Center; and Knowledge Objects with streamlined search capability. Accessed through the AGCO dealer portal, Dealer Technicians benefit from functionality including:

  • Partial serial number lookup
  • Real-time notifications
  • The capture of photographs and videos of issues directly from any mobile device - phone or tablet

Learn more by reading about its modules below.

Pre-Delivery-Inspection (PDI)

Provides the dealer the ability to perform machine-specific delivery inspections using a laptop or mobile device. Tech Connect PDI will ensure that the machine has arrived in the expected condition free of any defects introduced during the manufacturing process and possible damage caused during transport. Tech Connect supports performing Pre-Delivery Inspections both online and offline when an Internet connection is not available, eliminating the need to print, process and re-enter data later.

Support Center

Tech Connect Support Center enables Dealer Technicians to quickly and easily create and submit incidents to AGCO using Tech Connect Web - or Tech Connect Mobile - for the support needed to get the job done. Mobile device support includes iOS and Android phones and tablets.

Knowledge Objects

Tech Connect Knowledge Objects provides access to AGCO's knowledge database with a streamlined full-text search capability. Its key benefits include:

  • Integrated knowledge lookup, eliminating the need to search through Knowledge Objects before submitting an incident
  • Full-text Knowledge Object search
  • Content filtering by brand, machine type, series, and/or model
  • The capability to provide feedback at the Knowledge Object level

AGCO Electronic Diagnostic Tool (EDT)

AGCO EDT, our in-field diagnostic program, helps technicians accurately diagnose and solve technical problems quickly by getting to the root cause and giving guidance on how to solve it best.

AGCO Academy

AGCO’s frequent advances in technology and design require regular training updates. The AGCO Academy provides coursework and training to our network of independent dealers, through the latest technological training techniques and instructor-led training. And through a monitoring system, AGCO can track and verify the continued improvement of our distribution network’s knowledge base in support of our customers around the world.

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